F​*​*​k the Fed

by Neal Fox

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Song from the award-winning video, "F**k The Fed" about the Federal Reserve System.


F**k The Fed
Words and Music by Neal Fox

Sit back, little children
As I tell the tale
Of how democracy and freedom bit the dust
They were sold while we were sleeping
Something evil came a-creeping
Now it's hard to know exactly who to trust

It was 1913 on a Christmas day
Congress gave away its right to create cash
Now your money's only worth
Just what the Bankers say
And you can lose your only shirt
In just a flash

You see the Federal Reserve
Is not a government thing
It's a bunch of private bankers we obey
And they don't answer to the people
'Cause they pull the strings
And that's precisely why we have to say...

Hey, hey
Hey, hey
Fuck The Fed!

Now, not too long ago
There was a President who tried
He was about to stick it to
The lousy Fed
He made some legal tender
Silver-backed in all its spender
It's unfortunate he ended up dead

Clinton, Bush, Barak Obama,
Carter, Reagen and McCain
We can argue who's the best until we drop
But whoever is elected
It all comes out the same
Till we see that it's the Fed we need to stop


We need a President with balls
No matter white or black or female
Someone more than
Just another talking head
They have to stand up for our rights
They better read the constitution
When they hear the people cry:
Fuck the Fed!

So tell your children's children
If we're still around to tell
How depressions were created
By a few
How the people lived and suffered
While the candidates debated
Till the people knew exactly what to do

© 2009, Foxalot Music - BMI


Written, performed and produced by Neal Fox



all rights reserved


Neal Fox Florida

Composer, filmmaker, artist, activist.

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