by Neal Fox

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Andrewski Conscious, liberty minded music condemning government corruption and the loss of freedom in America. Really good songs too. This guy needs more exposure. Favorite track: How The Game Works.
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released November 1, 2013



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Neal Fox Florida

Composer, filmmaker, artist, activist.

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Track Name: How The Game Works
How The Game Works
Words and music by Neal Fox

Ever since the world began one thing was all too true
There was a cancer in the land that wants to bury me and you
They grabbed all the wealth and bought themselves a throne
And cracked an evil whip like the world has never known

But the centuries past and the people said, no more!
And Liberty, at last, came to even up the score.
An idea grew, and its time had finally come
Liberty and Justice had its day in the sun


We got the solutions for problems we create
We'll take the confusions, and wipe them off your plate
You'd never believe that - you couldn't conceive that
From Presidents down to clerks
Just one of the perks
We get to control you
'Cause this is how the game works

One fine day, in a new and fertile land
A group of Patriots were brave enough to take a stand
They put forth an idea that raised us to new heights
That the country serves the Man and the Man has got his rights

Now two hundred years have past and this Freedom served them well
But the cancer never left - they devised a plan from hell
Just like a game of dominoes falling to the ground
The only way to win... bring America down


Save us from a world that's torn apart
We'll give you all our money, we'll give to you our hearts
If Liberty and Freedom is the price we have to pay
It's worth it just to see our children live another day
So, save us, save us

Lesson one: To make a free people willingly obey
And happily give all their rights away
You've got to convince them they're under attack
Killing thousands of your own and blame it on a maniac

They'll beg you to save them - their rights, you can waive them
Convince them all that danger always lurks
Just one of those perks
They get to control you
'Cause this is how the game works

© 2013, Foxalot Music — BMI
Track Name: Two Planes - Three Buildings
Two Planes — Three Buildings
Words and music by Neal Fox

Did you think we were that stupid?
Did you think we were mad?
Did you think you could fool us?
Like you did in Baghdad?
No more!
Let's not pretend anymore

When the dust had finally settled
And we saw what you've done
There was blood on your hands
And a hot smoking gun
No more!
We will not take anymore

2 planes — 3 buildings
2 planes — 3 buildings
2 planes — 3 buildings

You said the fire caused it
Excuse our mistrust
But the buildings didn't fall
They turned into dust
No more!
What do you take us for


And while the whole world watches
You still continue to use your might
And while the whole world watches
We will continue to stand and fight

You're game is nearly over
Getting ready to fall
And like the rising phoenix
We're hearing the call
No more!
We've heard it all before

(Repeat Verse 1)

© 2013, Foxalot Music — BMI
Track Name: What They Gonna Do To You
What They Gonna Do To You
words and music by Neal Fox

Lock you up without a trial
Deny your rights and all the while
The man has got an evil smile
He takes delight in what they gonna do to you

Bash your brains out with a club
Break your fingers to the nub
And with a stroke your life is scrubbed
And here's the rub, they they don't care who they do it to

Tell me mister, what's my crime
I'm not cut out for doing time
My wife is hanging on the line
My kids are asking, "What they gonna do to you?"

They tell me I'm a terrorist
I said I'm not, then they got pissed
They drew their guns, I'm glad they missed
I'm waiting here. I guess I'll have to see it through
Oh, oh, oh
I guess I'll have to see it through

Bridge 1:
When I was born the land was free
America was you and me
I served my time. Went over seas
Then worked all day to feed my family
But something's changed, it's not my home
The shades are drawn, we're all alone
We live in fear of things unknown
The signs were there but no one cared to see

I always try to do what's right
My friends all told me that I might
Attract their anger, bring a fight
The country's changed
You don't know what they'll do to you

But all I did was search the net
I'm not a spy, I'm not a threat
He gave me one last cigarette
And through his sweat said, "What they gonna do to you!"
Oh, oh, oh
"What they gonna do to you!"

Bridge 2
And now I'm gone without a trace
A simple man without a face
No judge or jury sentenced me
I sit alone and bear the endless time
Their doctor says I'm seeing things
He fills me up with drugs he brings
Reality's a fleeting thing
When searching for the truth becomes a crime

Bridge 3
We danced, we sang the night away
We partied till the break of day
And nothing could have stopped us then
We lived as though our lives were in a dream
But freedom ended over night
We gave it up without a fight
The dream has faded with the light
The greatest loss the world has ever seen

© 2012, Foxalot Music — BMI